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Haitham Dabbour

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About the Author

Dabbour is an Egyptian scriptwriter and author. He worked as a journalist at Almasryalyoum newspaper since graduation, and made many documentaries, such as Tahrir Square: The Good, The Bad, and the Politician," a feature that premiered in Venice Film Festival, and won the UNESCO Award of 2011, the Oslo Film Festival Award.
His fiction scriptwriting debut “ Photocopy” premiered in 2017, won the Best Arab feature film at ElGouna film festival, Best movie at Malmo film festival and Best screenplay at Oran film festival, among other accolades. The next year he wrote “Gunshot”, premiered at GFF and screened at Cairo film festival, with a positive feedback from critics and audiences. He recently wrote and produced “Eyebrows,” a short film that won the best short film at ElGouna film festival 2018. His script "Ayesh" won Swairis Prize for best screenplay in 2016, and has not been produced yet.
He wrote 10 books between poetry and short stories, which are among the best-selling books in Egypt. He also won the 2014 Ahmed Fouad Negm poetry award.


Moses' cross

Jan 2020

Moses’s Cross is Dabbour’s debut novel. A fast paced thriller set in the holy land of Sinai amid the 2011 political upheaval, where tour-guide “Ahmed Bahy” follows clues to uncover a secret hidden by Egypt’s oldest monastery’s covenant for hundreds of years. Delving into the esoteric history of secret societies that roamed this land since the time of Moses is the only path to make sense of the present.


Movies & TV shows



When a retired old man in Cairo begins to learn about the extinction of dinosaurs, it sets off a series of events that will give his life renewed meaning.


Follows a mysterious murder that connects the destinies of the protagonists and changes their beliefs about the concept of truth.


Aiesha, who is nicknamed among her peers as the fair eyed haori, meets her friend Sally at the mall shortly after the post. Under her burka, she hides more than her body and face, and during the seemingly ordinary shopping trip, she discovers that what she hates most about her life lays right over her eyes.

Tahrir 2011

Months after Hosni Mubarak stepped down, Egyptians country-wide seem determined to maintain the insurgency until their demands are met.


Adel goes back home to find out that his neighbors have just fixed the building elevator. They invite him to try it for the first time.

Saturday Night Live Arabia

The Arabic official version of Saturday Night Live.



Best Arab feature movie at El Gouna film festival.

Best film at Malmo film festival.

Best film at Tripoli film festival

Best screenplay at Oran film festival


best Arab short film at El Gouna film festival

(Yakolhon sabaa ogaf)

Ahmed Fouan Negm prize for poetry


Sawiris Prize for the best script not produced yet.

(Tahrir 2011)

 CICT-IFTC Award at Venice feilm festival

جايزة ساويرس الثقافية 2017 ت فواد الجرنو


Cairo - Egypt

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